Web Conferencing is a technology that makes it possible to organize an online meeting for informal or business communication, as well as to collaborate on documents and various multimedia files.

At the webinar, same as during the ordinary seminar, one can communicate to the presenter, i.e. to carry out his tasks, answer his and ask their own questions.

As a rule the webinar is held without any installation of additional software on your PC. Internet browser will be enough for that.

Areas of Application: Webinars gained their popularity in distance education. The interaction between the lecturer and his students through communication in the web conference mode is certainly a very convenient and easy to perform for both sides. However, webinars are used in sales and for remote product demonstrations just as often.

Webinar as a Web Conferencing Mode: Webinar is a type of web conference, involving a one-way broadcast by the Speaker, who is limited in interaction with other participants. However, webinars can be cooperative, with additional features such as polls and voting, thus providing interactive communication between the Speaker and his audience. In this case, the Speaker can comment on the information that appears on the computer screen. Different providers can provide participants with a user’s anonymity service. This feature allows participants not to be aware of each other’s presence at the general conference.

Web Conferencing as a Service: Video conferencing over the network is a service provided by the provider company on its own web server. Such service is usually commercial. Different companies offer their own terms of use and payment, but often the providers use payment mode based on the number of service users or a fixed monthly fee.

Then and Now: A few years ago, when the Internet was just beginning to be actively involved in our lives as a global computer network, the ‘web conference’ notion meant communication on forums in asymmetric mode. A little later, the term has acquired a different meaning, becoming a synonym of online communication on the whole.

Author: TrueConf Team
Source: trueconf.com