VP8 Video Codec

VP8 is a video codec, which was announced by On2 Technologies in September 2008, but Google has become its new owner since 2010. The main advantage of VP8 video codec is that it is free from royalties on compression algorithms and distributed under a free license. Moreover, VP8 is not inferior in quality to H.264 video codec and is actively developed by experts around the world.

Features and benefits:

» Free video codec.
» The most advanced compression algorithms
» Increased resistance to frame loss.
» High-speed video decoding.
» Easy to implement on hardware platforms
» Multipurpose: It is used in video conferencing, video broadcasting and recording from mobile devices.

VP8 Video Codec in Video Conferencing

TrueConf, video conferencing systems developer, undertook studies that have shown the superiority of VP8 video codec over all analogues applied to video conferencing. As a result, TrueConf made VP8 a default video codec in all of its solutions since 2010.

In 2012, TrueConf implemented scalable video coding technology (SVC), based on VP8 codec, which was previously available only as an extension for H.264 video codec. SVC technology allows to adjust such video stream characteristics as frame rate, resolution and compression without re-encoding.

Author: TrueConf Team
Source: trueconf.com

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