Video Surveillance via RTSP

Connecting RTSP sources and IP cameras in videoconference
The RTSP protocol allows any TrueConf user to connect to IP cameras and other sources of media content that support broadcasting through this protocol and monitor remote objects. The user may also connect cameras and broadcast the image from them during a video conference.

Thanks to RTSP TrueConf Server, users can not only connect to IP-cameras, but also broadcast video conferences on RTSP players and media servers. Read more about RTSP broadcasting ->

What is the RTSP Protocol?
RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) is a protocol, which provides a simple set of basic commands to control the video stream. In order to connect to the camera via RTSP, you should send a special request to the server. This request must contain a command (for example, PLAY – to start broadcasting), IP-address, and the path to the camera.

How to Connect to an IP-Camera Using TrueConf for Windows?

To connect to an IP-camera that supports the RTSP, user may simply enter the following query in the address bar of TrueConf application #rtsp_url and click “Call” (as for ordinary video call). rtsp_url – is an individual RTSP address of the camera (it’s format depends on the vendor, model and camera’s mode). For example, the cameras by Axis rtsp_url may look like this: rtsp://IP/axis-media/media.amp. When pasting, replace the IP with the real IP-address of the camera, and symbols ‘/’ with ‘%2f’. The final version may look like this: #rtsp:%2f%2f217.17.220.110%2faxis-media%2fmedia.amp.

To invite the camera to a group conference, you may add the IP-address of the camera to the address book beforehand, choose the group video conference and invite the participants.

When connected to the camera via TrueConf, the user can track the subject continuously, even 24/7!

Is it possible to add the camera to the yuser list in Server’s configurator?

Yes. Server’s administrator is able to add the camera to the user list in web-configurator when creating a conference. To do this, you will need to enter camera’s address in “Add via ID” bar of the given conference’s window, and then press the “Add” button. After that, the camera’s call_ID will be displayed in the “Conference participants” field:

Benefits of using RTSP:

› Having set the IP-camera in an office or at the industrial shop floor you can connect to it and control your company’s operation.
› You can monitor remote objects 24/7. For example, if you go on vacation and do not want to leave the apartment unattended, just set one or more IP-cameras there. Having made a call to one of these cameras from your PC with TrueConf client application, you can connect to your apartment at any time and get the real-time picture of what is happening there.
› All users have the option of video recording in the TrueConf software. If you found a problem during surveillance, and you managed to record it, the given record will be a conclusive evidence in solving this problem.