Video Lecture

Video Lecture (asymmetric video conference) is video conferencing mode, during which all participants can see and hear only the speaker and he can see and hear all learners.

The video lecture mode was designed specifically to meet the distance learning demands.

Focus on the Learning Process

The maximum concentration on the lecturer is achieved due to the lack of audio and video communication between learners. The text chat can be used for communication between learners, and they can record the video lecture for better performance.

The Video Layout Control

Drag video windows and resize them during a video conference.
You can see each participant in a separate window.

Video Conference Streaming

With TrueConf Server you can broadcast your video conferences in real time across any audience. We have supported the standards of modern streaming industry which give you an ability to organize broadcasts even for up to 1 000 000 users with popular services and solutions for content distribution.

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Public Conferences and Webinars

TrueConf Server allows to create public video conferences available for unregistered users and federated accounts. You can easily create webinars across your network and Internet.

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Intelligent Media Traffic Allocation

Participants using different types of endpoints (laptops, tablets) receive the best possible video quality depending on the screen resolution and performance of their devices.

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Increased Collaboration Efficiency

The following tools are available during a virtual meeting:

› Video content and applications capturing and streaming directly to the conference
› Slide shows and presentations
› Video conference recording
› Instant messaging

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Client Applications for All Major OS

Stay connect always and everywhere! We are offering free client applications for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. Turn your device into a video conferencing endpoint.

Application of video lecture:
› Distance learning (educational lectures, workshops and trainings that don’t suggest feedback from spectators).
› Business and trade (presentation of a new product, presentation of a project, a speech made by a head).
› Medical industry (broadcasting of surgeries).

Video lecture is not suitable for:
› Conferences that involve feedback from all participants.
› Presentations of collaborations projects.
› Conferences involving external experts.
› Interviews.

For these purposes, we recommend to use video calls, multipoint (group) conferences or virtual meetings.