Video Lecture

Video lecture is a kind of asymmetric video conference, during which a distant speaker and his listeners interact with each other by means of video conferencing solutions.

Video lectures can be performed in a form of a multi-point video conferencing (speaker and a group of remote students), as well as in one-on-one mode (speaker and the audience in a hall). In contrast to video broadcasting or video streaming, video lecture involves more interaction with the rest of the participants. Apart from the fact that the speaker is broadcasted to a wide audience, he has the ability to control the attention of the audience by watching all of the participants on a computer screen. That is why this video conferencing mode is often used in distance learning, where the audio-visual contact with students is important for the teacher.

Thanks to video conferencing systems a teacher can monitor the presence of students, monitor their behavior and actions during the lesson, provide additional help, and check students’ level of knowledge. In this way students learn material better, not being distracted by any side factors. During a video lecture, students see only one person – an active speaker.

Author: TrueConf Team
Source: trueconf.com

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