Video Conferencing Technology

Video conferencing is a connection service, a technology that enables communication between two and more remotely located people, which allows exchanging audio and video information and work together on electronic documents.

Video conferencing is a means of business management which significantly exceeds capabilities of telephone negotiations and e-mailing in the absence of opportunity to meet in person.

To join a video conference you simply need to have a terminal with a webcam and a microphone and a device to display video information and reproduce the sound. For these purposes a simple PC with videoconferencing equipment installed on it will be enough.

Depending on the level of equipment used for video conferencing systems we distinguish point-to-point, symmetric group conferences (multipoint) and video meetings.

As a rule, point-to point video conferencing communication needs only at the initial stage of its implementation. But rather quickly there comes the need for simultaneous interaction between several users (multipoint video conferencing).

Application and development of video conferencing

Video conferencing technology is used in business: to hold live meetings and conferences, training seminars for the staff, coordination of work in remotely located affiliates, as well as in distance learning and even in telemedicine.

Besides, in many parts of the world video conferencing is used in such spheres as staff recruitment, telebanking, advertising and marketing (to hold presentations and briefings for customers), monitoring of risk productions. It allows to significantly save time and money resources for companies with a numerous affiliates, ensures efficiency in decision making, consultations of specialists, allows to analyze the situation being on great distances from each other.

Video conferencing technologies are constantly improving and developing.

Author: TrueConf Team
Source: trueconf.com