TrueConf Video Conferencing SDK: Video Conferencing in your own appsvideo conferencing sdk

TrueConf video conferencing SDK is a set of libraries for developers which allows to create your own mobile application with a state of the art video conferencing support based on TrueConf technology or to add video conferencing feature to existing mobile application.

Available for mobile platforms:

› Android (Android Studio): 2.3 (Gingerbread) – 5.1.1 (Lollipop)
› iOS (XCode) – 7.0+


› High quality video calls and multipoint conferences integrated in your applications.
› Support of all TrueConf video conferencing modes.
› Integration with legacy SIP, H.323 video conferencing systems.
› Absolute freedom in implementation of business logic and interfaces beyond a video conferencing session.
› Adding your logo or changing interface icons in a video conferencing session.
› Full TrueConf Video Conferencing API support for organization and planning video conferencing sessions.

What is a video call SDK?

Video conference is a specialist job. As in when you want to have video call in your own app, you need a specialist to help you out. We’ve done our best to make video call development and implementation in your own app easy for you. We have built our video conferencing SDK and convenient libraries, compiled clear documentation, and made available use cases on GitHub.

Video SDK for Windows apps

This library is to add video conferencing into any software for Windows. It is based on ActiveX technology and can be used in any development frameworks for this operating system, including IDE Microsoft Visual Studio and Embarcadero Delphi, as well as JavaScript applications for Internet Explorer 8+ (incredible as it may seem!). All applications based on this SDK can be integrated into your video conferencing infrastructure. TrueConf Server software or private cloud containing several TrueConf Servers can be used as video conferencing server. The number of users supported by your infrastructure is not limited.

SDK for Android and iOS mobile client applications

If you wish to integrate audio and video calls into an existing mobile application, our SDK is exactly what you need. Our solution has no superfluous features: it’s pure functionality with a simple user-friendly interface. You can create a mobile application supporting HD video conferencing and distribute it in any way convenient for you within a day. TrueConf SDK will take care of everything: network, drivers, and the video conferencing itself.

Advantages: All client application features, including chat, audio, video, group video conferences, content transmission and receiving. Support for third-party user’s management and presence status control solutions, e.g. video call centers. Application runs in the background: no need to run the app to be online. TrueConf SDKs have been tested in the multi-million audience projects and distributed as a library for Android Studio and xCode IDE’s.