Video Conferencing Room

Video conferencing room is a location equipped specifically for video communication sessions.

Video conferencing room facilities depend on the level of events for which it is meant, as the purpose of equipment, its capabilities and the data transmission quality can vary greatly. It also depends, among other things, on the expected number of participants in video sessions. At every site there should be a video conferencing terminal, and the sites should be connected by a network with the server which operates video conference resources.

Basic equipment set for the simplest video conferencing room includes a personal computer, software, a webcam and a microphone with a headset. To organize a multipoint video conference one needs an MCU device or a software video conferencing server. It is used when several (three and more) users take part in it simultaneously. The main task of a video server is the processing of a large amount of audio and video streams in the network, which takes the load off the video conferencing room terminals.

Apart from the equipment itself video conferencing room presupposes a certain set of furniture, inside décor elements (at the telepresence level) and illumination system.

Author: TrueConf Team
Source: trueconf.com

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