video conferencing architecture

Scalable Video Conferencing Architecture

Thanks to support for Scalable Video Coding (SVC) each conference participant receives an individual set of video streams from other participants according to the conference layout, bandwidth, and the endpoint’s capabilities. The server itself does not perform transcoding which significantly lowers infrastructure costs and requirements in terms of video conferencing architecture.

video conferencing architecture

No Internet Connection Required

By deploying TrueConf Server on-premises in your company’s network, you will gain complete control over communications without the need for an Internet connection. On top of that, we ensure complete interoperability with all modern VPN encryption solutions.

video conferencing architecture

Your Communications Stay Private

Your conferences will always be securely protected: all data exchange is carried out within your network via TLS with additional encryption according to the AES standard.

video conferencing architecture

Instant Scalability

As your company grows, TrueConf grows with you. It’s easy to increase the capacity of your server with our video conferencing architecture: you can have up to several thousand online users without the need to purchase or install any additional equipment or software.

Proprietary Protocol Guarantees Reliability

TrueConf solutions use a single TCP port and works under our own proprietary protocol which guarantees high-quality communication on any channels and devices. It also supports traversal of NAT, Proxy, and Firewall, and manages disconnections with ease.

Group User Policies

Dividing a large number of users into groups simplifies interaction with address books. If necessary, the administrator can give different rights to different groups, and even create a multi-tenant environment.

Work in UDP Multicast Networks
UDP Multicast technology allows you to exclude a server from a conference, carry out conferences in networks with blocked TCP traffic, and get acceptable connection quality via satellite channels.

Support for Federation and Hybrid Solutions

All TrueConf users can communicate with each other regardless of the server they are registered on. You can even call TrueConf Online cloud users. This process is under your complete control, only you decide which servers or services may access your users and vice-versa.