TrueConf  Video Conferencing API: Deep Integration with your Business Processes

Video Conferencing API
As an interface for managing TrueConf Server is possible to build-in use RESTful API, it opens up opportunities for the integration of TrueConf video conferencing into your business processes, intranet, online services and products.

TrueConf API allows to create, edit, delete, and get information about conferences, as well as to receive and edit user’s address books.

API related recurring expense not required.

Best part is that with TrueConf Video Conferencing API you do not bear heavy monthly bills as in other providers. API access is free.

You won’t need to buy expensive MCUs or pay for per-minute subscriptions — all your apps will be integrated on our TrueConf Server platform. You can work both in the cloud and in LAN/VPN, while our transparent pricing policy will definitely impress you.

Supported Platforms
TrueConf API designed by latest RESTful API standards, which makes it possible to interact using HTTP/HTTPS protocols from any programming language, able to work with REST. For example: .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, Rails, Python, jQuery, C ++ and others.

All requests to TrueConf Server API must contain HTTP-header “Authorization” with one-time auth token.

TrueConf Server API

Integration with TrueConf Server 4.3.8+ — Documentation



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TrueConf SDK: Create Custom Video Conferencing App

TrueConf SDK allows to develop your own mobile applications for video conferencing based on TrueConf technology or to add video conferencing support to an existing application.

The significant difference between SDK and API is that users do not not need to install a separate TrueConf application when SDK has been implemented into your product already. All video conferencing features are available for your own mobile application.

Learn more about TrueConf SDK.