Video Conference Server Software

A video conference server that works without Internet too on Intranet

› Works without Internet connection as well

› Works on LAN/VPN network and over the Internet if you want

› Point to Point HD Calls, Group Calls & Lecture Mode

› UltraHD 4K group video conferences with up to 250 users

› Clients available for Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and WebRTC

› Secured with SSL and AES-256 encryption

› LDAP/Active Directory, IPBX and H.323/SIP integration

Download Server Software

TrueConf Video Conference Server requires Windows OS. Linux version available on request

TrueConf Video Conference Server is a powerful, high-quality and highly secured video conference server software. It is specially designed to work with up to 250 participants in a multipoint conference over LAN or VPN networks. TrueConf Server requires no hardware and includes client applications for all popular platforms, making it an easy-to-set up, unified communications solution.

TrueConf Server utilizes SVC technology based on the VP8 video codec, which guarantees the best possible video quality on every device and channel. TrueConf systems have built-in AEC (acoustic echo cancellation), AGC (automatic gain control) and noise cancellation algorithms, which provides great wide-band audio quality for all participants.

Compatible Endpoints

Client applications are generated right after the video conferencing server is installed and configured. The application includes all the settings necessary for connection with TrueConf Server software by default.


For computers

Any PC or Apple computer with the TrueConf client application installed can be connected to TrueConf Server.




For mobile devices

Use TrueConf mobile applications to keep in touch with your colleagues and make video calls while on the go.

TrueConf Server Network Scheme

TrueConf Server Video Conferencing Network

TrueConf Server Advantages

TrueConf products can provide companies or organizations of any size with a huge range of benefits, including:

› An easy-to-use, fully functional Unified Communications platform.
› Real SVC-based software solution: no need for transcoding or MCU.
› A secure solution which helps to protect corporate network security, and which works through a single TCP port.
› Highly secure, with SSL and AES-256 encryption.
› No direct IPs required for endpoints: easily passes Firewall, NAT and Proxy.
› No expensive equipment or installation costs required.
› Compatible with third-party H.323/SIP equipment.
› Ability to record video on the server side.
› SVC provides constant quality on variable network connections.
› WebRTC support allows remote participant to easily join conferences.
› Web-based manager application for remote server management.
› Built-in scheduler will not let you miss important meetings.
› Fully integrates with existing VoIP and videoconferencing equipment.
› Easily scales vertically and horizontally due to TrueConf Server’s large capacity and federation support.
› Client apps available for all platforms with multi-point videoconferencing.
› Suits conferencing rooms perfectly, and can be further enhanced using TrueConf Terminal.
› UltraHD 4K support means you get great images on larger screens.
› RTSP support provides for video conference streaming from external devices such as IP surveillance cameras and streaming of TrueConf Server video conferences for millions of users via third party streaming services.
› TrueConf Video Conference Server API gives flexibility to cooperate with third party applications and allows to integrate conferences and webinars with any website.
› Webinar (Public conference) support allows to invite users without them getting accounts on the company network.
› Flexible and affordable “per user” licensing.
› Localized to English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Vietnamese, Russian and Ukrainian languages.

Client Apps

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Server Dashboard

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Client side functionality

TrueConf Client is a video call client application for TrueConf Video Conference Server that is configured with all the necessary settings for connection to the server after the server is up and running.

Slide Show helps you to easily broadcast images and PowerPoint presentations to every participant in your conference.

Screen Sharing enables you to transmit a live video broadcast of your desktop screen to your participants.

Recording Video Conferences allows you to record audio and video from one of all broadcasting participants during a video conference in TrueConf client applications or on the server.

Text Chat i.e. instant messaging.

PSTN calling allows TrueConf clients to call colleagues on landline or mobile phones, as well as invite them into group phone conferences.

Support for H323, SIP, IP-PBX allows users to connect third-party endpoints and VoIP equipment, including PBX, to the video conferencing server.

WebRTC inclusion in our solution allows to join a server-based conference right from the web-browser. There is no need to download or install any application at all.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) enables you to turn any mobile device into a video conferencing endpoint.