Video Conference Recording : Server-side and Client-side

Recording feature is available for all the users. This feature allows users to record their own video as well as to record point-to-point or even group video conferences. The layout of the participants’ videos remains as it was arranged during the conference itself.

Recording Polycom, Cisco devices?

The great thing is about 3rd party conference devices like Polycom H323 and SIP end points.

How can Polycom, Cisco H323 or SIP devices be recorded?

If you wish to have recording of Polycom joinee, it is possible. Call any Polycom or Cisco endpoint from our client software and record the conference.

video conference recording
video conference recording

How many hours of video conference recording is possible?

Recording capacity is unlimited, only constrained by the disk size attached to our video conference server. You can also record on a NAS.

Use Cases of Recording

In interviews: HR manager records the interview. The company’s executive will look through the video and speed up hiring.

In distance learning: Students can record a teacher’s video lecture to use the material.

In sales training: Sales leaders can record the first session using video conference recording feature.

During business negotiations: Business partners can record video conference about the release of a new product.

In court: In this case, the video may be used as an additional proof of the judicial process objectivity. Often, in courts witness testimony via video conferencing is legal and keeping a copy of the recording is part of the legal evidence process.

Video conference recording requires TrueConf Video Conference Server installed on-premises. Administrator can keep all recordings on by default on the server. Additionally, the local application user can record if the permission is assigned.

For more features, check out our Video Conference Server Features page.