TrueConf Directory

TrueConf Directoryis a solution that combines multiple servers into a single address space. This product allows users from one server to search among users of other independent servers within TrueConf Enterprise solution, as well as view information about them, add them to address books, make point-to-point and group video calls and exchange instant messages in chat.



Why Is It Handy?

Previously, TrueConf Server users could add users of other servers to their address book and make calls in federation only if they knew the full TrueConf ID of this user (login@server_name).

With TrueConf Directory, each user gets access to the contact list of all users of the servers and it allows them to add users to their address books and call them directly from the search without any trouble.

How It Works?

Let’s imagine an organization that has several branches in different cities or even countries. Each office has their own independent TrueConf Server, which is administered by a system administrator. All of these servers can be integrated with each other in federation within TrueConf Enterprise solution.

When connecting and installing TrueConf Directory, the administrator needs to specify all servers in federation. After this, TrueConf Client applications of each server will have the search automatically changed to TrueConf Directory functinality:


How to Configure TrueConf Directory

You can find out how to get TrueConf Directory distribution package, how to add TrueConf server to the list and how to find users in our detailed manual on configuring and using TrueConf Directory.