Telepresence is a new generation of video conferencing, which imitates the presence of a person in the room.

Telepresence ensures the level of visual interaction when the natural conditions of communication are reproduced.

For example the party’s image has a 1:1 scale, the slightest changes in the facial expression are communicated, video and audio signals are accurately synchronized, means of communication (cameras, microphones) are made as unostentatious as possible, eye contact is perfectly preserved.

The Telepresence effect is created with the help of a number of elements. Apart from the essential equipment (special wide screen displays, cameras with a certain matrix resolution, speakers, microphones) and the software a special illumination system, sound panels and even the same interior elements of the conference rooms are needed here.

All the above makes video communication almost three-dimensional, making the participants feel immersed into the virtual environment.

Such communication practically doesn’t differ from the usual one and doesn’t depend on geographical location of the sites. In addition to the abovementioned advantages you can enjoy the same collaboration tools as in video conferencing: slide shows, file transfer, whiteboard.

Though telepresence expands capabilities available in video conferencing, its implementation takes some time as this is a quite costly solution due to the use of high-technology equipment which can ensure the needed effects.

Author: TrueConf Team
Source: trueconf.com