Video Conference Streaming

With TrueConf Server you can broadcast your video conferences in real time across any audience. We have supported the standards of modern streaming industry which give you an ability to organize broadcasts even for up to 1 000 000 users with popular services and solutions for content distribution.

Benefits of TrueConf streaming
› The streaming module is already included in TrueConf Server.
› We do not limit the number of viewers in any way.
› We do not limit the number of conferences being broadcasted simultaneously.
› Users do not need to register or install anything in order to connect to a conference.
› Conferences are broadcasted in HD 720p.
› Viewers see all conference participants in symmetrical layout with mixed sound.

How it works

When you create any conference in TrueConf Server using Web Manager tool, the conference acquires an RTSP link. This link leads to a live broadcast of the conference in HD 720p at 30fps.

To make such a broadcast available for viewers, it is necessary to send it to a special streaming server or a cloud CDN service which support RTSP protocol. A streaming server will scale the stream it receives from TrueConf Server, and then deliver it to the end users. This way, the number of possible users will only depend on the limits of a streaming platform of your choice.

It is important to note that TrueConf Server does not scale broadcasted streams on its own, that is why we do not recommend to watch broadcasts directly from TrueConf Server.

Integration with CDN solutions

We support the two most popular ways of video conference broadcasting: RTSP Push and RTSP Pull. The first one allows to send automated notifications to the streaming server about all the video conferences available for broadcasting from your TrueConf Server. The second provides you with a rtsp:// type link to a specified scheduled conference that can be manually processed by a streaming platform.

Each viewer and broadcast’s stream takes up a portion of bandwidth on TrueConf Server. Since the bandwidth capacity is limited, it is necessary to set up streaming through one of CDN services for online streaming or LAN version of a solution of such kind in order to increase the number of possible viewers.

If necessary, the service will clone an incoming RTSP stream and deliver it to the audience via its network of CDN servers. CDN servers for online streaming use TrueConf Server’s RTSP link and are capable of broadcasting a conference in several additional standards – RTMP(Adobe Flash), HLS(Apple Live Streaming), and others.

This way, all the work on cloning and delivery of the steam is performed on a third-party service, while you get an ability to broadcast your conference to an unlimited number of users without worrying about your bandwidth capacity.

Recommended Streaming Solutions
Wowza, YouTube.

You don’t have to pay for each RTSP stream and there are no limits on the number of active RTSP streams. You pay only for adding this feature to your license.

Note: A free trial of this extension is available on request