Slide Show

The slide show function allows you to demonstrate PowerPoint slides, photos, drawings, diagrams and other drawing and/or text documents to other parties to all of your parties during video conferencing.

If user has a computer with a preinstalled Microsoft PowerPoint program, he can import a ready-to-use presentation right from the PowerPoint document or make a presentation from separate files.

Note: You need to open the web port on the server (port 80 by default, it is specified during the installation of the server) to use the Slide Show feature.

What are the benefits from slide show feature for TrueConf users?

› Efficiency: Unlike email, which requires certain amount of time for delivering a file, Slide show feature allows you to illustrate your words instantly with drawing document. The user will not lose time for explanations on the page number, he just shows the required document in online and demonstrates the file in question.
› Maintaining interest: During a group conference, whereby one person speaks and several listen to him, it is vital to retain the engagement and interest of your audience.That’s why the host should occasionally demonstrate his conversation partners all sorts of interesting photos that might distract them from the information flow.