For TrueConf Server users
› One server can be scaled to 3000 users;
› Number of scalable servers are unlimited.

Our system is easy scalable, which allows to link up with new users. Moreover, with the help of federation features it is possible to connect several servers in one system. As a result a user can not only enlarge a user base, but also create a video conferencing system between different TrueConf servers.

Besides, users of different servers can see who is online/offline and call each other as if they were on the same server.

Full-fledged compatibility of client applications of different TrueConf servers in federation is clear for users and provides easiness of communication within a video conferencing system.

Scalability doesn’t impose any additional requirements on a server, but for the network channels.

It also should be pointed that servers in federation should detect each other, which means that they should be located in the same network segment or in different networks connected by a common channel (Internet, LAN, VPN).