Personal Protected Videoconferencing Systems

Personal protected videoconferencing system is a compact, portable equipment designed for use in extreme conditions. Also, these systems can be implemented as software solutions, installed on a mobile devices.

The main advantage of personal protected systems is that they can be used in non-standard situations, because they allow you to quickly organize a video conferencing session. Most often, these systems are used by emergency services, paramedics, and military troops at their duty.

Personal protected systems have fairly wide area of application. Reporters can broadcast events directly from the scene during emergencies and natural disasters with specialized solutions. Quite often, personal systems are used in medicine (in ambulance vehicles and during emergency operations).

History of personal protected systems: The first country to begin using video conferencing in emergency situations, was the United States. In the 90’s there were specialized hardware solutions invented in the form of a portable case, inside which all the necessary video equipment was mounted. Mobile video conferencing technologies were used in combat training of the U.S. Armed Forces. Commanders of military units which were at different dislocation points could interact with each other with the help of video conferencing systems.

Personal systems became more and more popular over the years due to their simplicity in operation. Portable cases that housed a video camera, screen, speakers, headphones, and a microphone became simply indispensable in areas where efficiency is of vital necessity: medical and rescue services.

Nowadays, protected systems are also used in the business. They are implemented as software solutions installed on a portable device. During long trips, when there is an urgent need to solve a working problem, and there is no communication equipment (on a plane, train or car), you can start a video conference with partners and resolve the situation. All that is necessary is to have a portable device with a set of software solutions that will allow you to conduct a full-scale video conferencing session, regardless of the distance between employees.

Author: TrueConf Team
Source: trueconf.com

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