Active Directory Connection with Video Conferencing Server

Advantages of the LDAP Protocol:
› automatic synchronization with user information;
› there is no need to authorize on the workplace within the network;
› speed and ease of administration;
› secure administration;
› support for Active Directory.

Due to the support for LDAP protocol, TrueConf Server administrator can easily manage users accounts. When integrating our solution into the large corporate infrastructure, network administrator doesn’t need create accounts for each user manually as well as support users base in the server manager on one’s own (rename users, send passwords, delete information about the past employees, etc.)

Our server connects with the LDAP server using the same protocol and requests information about users of the selected domainlocal network. After the required information is received TrueConf Server automatically synchronizes its data with LDAP server and individually makes further changes.

Moreover, TrueConf Client application users don’t need authorize on the workplace within the corporate network. A server receives requests from TrueConf Client application and checks on the LDAP server existence of the corresponding user. After the confirmation the server automatically authorize the user.

LDAP is a network protocol that provides access to the catalog service, which helps integrate the system with the existing address book so you won’t have to enter the contacts one by one manually.

LDAP is a storage mode, in which the video conferencing server employs the user information from a distant or local LDAP directory.

Note: A free trial of this extension is available on request