Complete Interoperability with H.323/SIP Endpoints

The built-in gateway features complete integration with third-party video conferencing endpoints and MCUs via SIP or H.323 by default. All you have to do is register your existing VC equipment on TrueConf Server and call those endpoints like regular users.

Easy Administration with Active Directory

Leave manual user account management behind! Connect Active Directory or any other LDAP compatible catalogue to TrueConf Server. All user info and user groups will synchronize automatically.

Video Conference Streaming

With TrueConf Server you can stream your video conferences via RTSP protocol to streaming servers or CDN services and expand your audience to millions of viewers.

TrueConf Integrates with Video Surveillance

TrueConf Server not only allows you to stream via an RTSP protocol, but also allows you to capture incoming streams. You can easily connect video surveillance cameras or other video streams that require your attention to a video conference.

TrueConf API: Deep Integration with Your Business Processes

As an interface for managing TrueConf Server is possible to build-in use RESTful API, it opens up opportunities for the integration of TrueConf video conferencing into your business processes, intranet, online services and products.

TrueConf SDK: Video Conferencing in Your Apps

TrueConf SDK is a set of libraries for developers which allows to create your own mobile application with a state of the art video conferencing support based on TrueConf technology or to add video conferencing feature to existing mobile application.