Instant Messaging

Instant messaging (or chat) allows users of the TrueConf client applications to exchange text messages during a video call or a group video conference, as well as when not in the conference.

Users can use instant messaging:
› During a video call using a personal chat (one-on-one with any user).
› During a group conference in a general chat room, whereby all participants can communicate together simultaneously and in the meantime with any selected user in personal chat
› Outside the conference, that is one-on-one with any active user.

You can call your conversation partner right from the chat pane by adding him to the Address book (if he’s not available there) and view the chat history. To the left of your conversation partner’s name, there’s a color indicator that shows the status of the user at the moment.

Why Is It Useful?

If for some reason the users can not communicate with each other via videoconferencing, they can communicate in chat via text messages. Even if the user is not currently online, you can send him a text message – he will get it immediately after logging in. During a video call, users can send data to the chat, like website links, the names of computer software, books, music, etc. During the asymmetric group conference where not all users are interacting with each other via a video, it is possible to exchange text messages with other members in general or private chat (share your opinion about the performance of the speaker or ask questions to the moderator of the conference, etc.). In TrueConf Client for Windows (6.5.8+), users can send files directly from the Chat window.