Groups of Users and Their Rights

If a large number of users is connected to the server, we recommend you to divide them into groups to facilitate work in the Address book or provide users with different rights.
Group rights differentiate the following functional options of its members: make personal video calls, create group video conferences, use collaborative tools.

One user can belong to several groups, which contributes to more flexible distribution of users into groups according to various criteria. For example, an administrator can divide users into groups by departments, form of activity or necessity to be present on a regular virtual meeting. In this case an administrator can invite all conference participants not individually, but the whole group with a single mouse click.To create groups of users you should contact your administrator, because this feature is available only in the video conference server configuration wizard.

An administrator can edit any personal data of users and add new users in the same section. On the page devoted to the Address book you can see in what way groups are displayed in the client application.