Getting Started

The First Launch

To launch the program, double-click on its icon (shortcut) on the Desktop, or select the Windows Start > (All) Programs > TrueConf Client.

If your hardware is not detected automatically, use the Configuration Wizard that is designed to walk you through the application configuration process step by step. You can launch Configuration Wizard from the Setup Menu of the application.

Login. Authorization

To use the application you need to get authorized on the server. To do that follow these steps:

– In the application main screen menu select TrueConf > Login or click on any active button on the toolbar. New window opens:

– In the new window enter the Login and Password which you got during registration on the main site. Click on the Ok button.

– For automatic authorization select Auto login option:

» Not registered yet?

To register in the system click on the Get your TrueConf ID button and fill in the registration form.

Please note! Make sure you have indicated the valid e-mail. You automatically get a verification letter from TrueConf Client to confirm your e-mail. You won’t be able to enjoy the service until you indicate the valid e-mail address. If you fill in all the information correctly you automatically get authorized on the server after clicking on the Submit button.

» Forgot your password?

To restore you password follow these steps:

Step 1

Select TrueConf > Forgot your Password.

Browser window opens.

Step 2

Enter the TrueConf ID or e-mail that you indicated at registration. An e-mail with further instructions is sent to the given address.

Step 3

Check your e-mail box for a letter from us. Follow the link in the letter and enter your new password into the bar on the opened page.

Step 4

Enter your new password to password confirmation fields and click on the Apply button.

» Register/Login into TrueConf system via your Social Network

You can also get authorized into the TrueConf Client system via your Social Network (Facebook, Google, etc). You are automatically offered to link your TrueConf Client and Social Networks accounts at the authorization.

To do that choose the required Social network in the TrueConf Client Login window.

System will offer authorization with selected social network. In the screen that opens “Log in with: Name of the social network”, enter password, which is used for registration in particular social network. For successful authorization follow the system instructions.

Placing a Call

To initiate a video call, just type the TrueConf ID or e-mail address you want to call into the Address Bar after Call to: button at the top of the main application screen and click on the Connect button.

Alternatively, you can double click user name in Address Book window.

During a video conference the image of an interlocutor is displayed on the main application screen. At the top of the window, below the menu bar, you can see the person’s name and some conference status information.

During the conference, you can see your image in a smaller picture-in-picture window. To enable this option select View > Self View, or click on the blue arrow icon at the right bottom corner of the video screen.