Video Conferencing is Our Life

For more than 10 years we have worked to provide you with the best video communication software. Today we offer UltraHD video conferencing, native support of all popular operating systems, superb audio and video quality, great resiliency and support for conference room installations.

Interoperability to the Core

It doesn’t matter what business tools you are using, we’ll make sure you can integrate them. Support for telephony, legacy VC systems, PBX, MCU, Active Directory, streaming and webinars is built into the product, along with other wonderful interoperational features. For everything else we offer API and SDK.


Enable Your Unified Communications solution in 15 Minutes

Deploying a TrueConf Unified Communications system boils down to the installation of a single piece of software — TrueConf Server. All necessary elements and features are included: a video conferencing server, client applications, common address book, presence, telephony, instant messaging, common chats, video conference scheduling, integration with calendars, and much more!



Flexible Collaboration Tools

To increase the efficiency of your teamwork, we have equipped users with content sharing, slideshows, remote desktop control, group chat and conference recording capabilities.


Your Security is our Top Priority

TrueConf Server is designed to be deployed within your private network under your complete supervision. All communications rely on our proprietary protocol, work through a single TCP port, are encrypted with AES-256 and secured with TLS.


Bring-Your-Own-Device Ready

TrueConf client applications work on Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, and in any browser that supports WebRTC technology. You will always be online whether from your smartphone, video conferencing endpoint in a conference room, or your workplace.


Looking for a Custom Solution?

There’s no such thing as impossible. We offer custom UC solutions to suit your specific needs, provide scalable platforms for service providers, develop video conferencing for call centers and much more.