Desktop video conferencing software allows two or more locations to interact via two-way video and audio, using their PCs or mobiles or VC endpoints.

There are four major types of videoconferencing: a point-to-point videoconference, group (or multi-point) videoconference, video meeting and a web-conference.

A point-to-point videoconference is the most common type of videoconferencing, which allows both participants to see and hear each other as well as exchange different types of information special features.

A group videoconference involves communication between three or more participants at the same time. In this type of videoconferencing, every participant can see and hear all the others, and vice versa. Such conferences most frequently use video server which provides a connection between several video sources and typically include terminals and videoconferencing gateways. Videoconferencing server can be both software and hardware in nature.

A video meeting (or role-based videoconference) is a videoconference held by a large number of participants. There are three roles in this type of videoconference: the host, the reporter and the speaker from the audience and the listener. An owner can swap the roles among other participants in real-time, while only speakers and the host could be seen and heard by listeners simultaneously.

A web-conference (also known as a webinar) is a videoconference used to organize live meetings and on-line presentations. In this case every participant connects to the conference from its own computer through the client-server technology via the Internet. A client application, which usually uses Flash and Java technologies, should be previously downloaded and installed. Webinars performs best when host’s audio and video are broadcast along with other media like presentations or documents.

How to install desktop video conferencing software from this website

Software Clients (called applications) are not required to be downloaded separately. Clients are available from inside Server Software. So, all you need is the Server software to get started.







       Download Video Conferencing Server Software

                Requires Windows OS, preferably Server OS