Content sharing during a video conference

Broadcast any content from your desktop to a video conference instead the camera image. The content is transmitted as a video stream, so all users of the TrueConf client applications and even third-party endpoints connected to the TrueConf systems will view the broadcasting.
You can share the whole desktop or a single window of any running application.

It is convenient as you can:
› discuss various files and documents with your interlocutors in the online mode;
› record the broadcasted content (applications, windows) with the “Record” tool;
› broadcast content from Internet resources (e.g. Youtube videos).

Excellent collaboration tool

Perfect tool for discussing stuff stored on your machine – a new product design, a 3D model of a new object, the text of a price quote or anything else.

View content in original size

Drag the speaker’s window outside the application window and set it to full screen with a single click. Such in-depth way of exploring content will help you to better absorb the information.

Broadcast content to browsers

Participants of WebRTC conference will also view your content, regardless of their browser or endpoint.

Broadcast content through any desktop application

We have added the Screen Sharing feature to all TrueConf client applications for desktops running Windows, macOS or Linux.