Conference Scheduling

Organizing the work of the company is an important and gratifying job. And video conferencing is a great assistant in this task! If you plan video conferences ahead you save your own time and get a lot of advantages:

› You can choose the month, day and time of the planned conference down to the minute.
› You will be more likely not to forget to start the conference. After the event is created, all participants will automatically receive an invitation to the appointed day and time.
› Changed your plans? Scheduled conference can be easily edited. Change the date, time, add new members, or remove them from the list.
› The owner (the Host) of the conference is automatically added to the list of participants.
› You can enable UDP Multicast mode.
› Users who were invited to the conference but for some reason did not manage to connect to it will not be removed from the list of invitees.
› SIP subscribers and users of external servers (via federation) may also be invited to a scheduled video conference.