«ISRO is India’s premier Space Research Organization. Space Applications Centre (SAC), is a major research and development centre of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The communication transponders developed at this centre for Indian National Satellite (INSAT) and Geo Synchronous Satellite (GSAT) series of satellites are used by government and private sector for VSAT, DTH, internet, broadcasting, telephony and in reaching remote parts of the country. TrueConf Solution is used by SAC in its communications work because of its reliability, deep design for private networks encompassing LAN/WAN/VPN formats including communication over VSAT where TrueConf’s advanced Multicasting capabilities help. TrueConf’s architecture also helps conserve precious bandwidth resources by minimizing the video and data load transacted over satellite network. SIP integration in TrueConf is an added advantage for SAC since their existing IP infra gets seamlessly integrated.»

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)

« A $11 billion enterprise Hyosung with its 17,000 employees is HQ in Korea. Hyosung is a world leader in advanced industry solutions, already no. 1 in many business areas in Korea, and has customers in 130 countries. Hyosung started facing a major issue of broken meetings once they started reviewing their India sales personnel. These persons were the critical most component in Hyosung India Sales. Due to uneven network and other factors, other solutions tried were not able to provide any relief. Finally Hyosung India used TrueConf Solution to conduct all its sales meetings. These meetings bring the diverse teams in Korea, and around 30 locations spread across India together for a seamless sales review on an ongoing basis. Above all, the functionality in TrueConf architecture wherein it allows scalable video coding to optimize for low bandwidth scenarios is a feature that works for the benefit of Hyosung. »


« The Indian Army is the land-based branch and the largest component of the Indian Armed Forces. It is the 2nd largest standing army in the world, with 1,200,255 active troops and 990,960 reserve troops. The Indian Army has a regimental system, but is operationally and geographically divided into seven commands, with the basic field formation being a division. There is a system of units within Indian Army and each unit has its own unique needs and capabilities. Most often the various units spread throughout the country need a robust communication solution that is easy and fast to deploy, highly reliable, transmits video and audio securely between forward posts and operations command. With increasingly complex situations, the need of live video 2 way solution is higher than ever before. This necessitates a robust 2 way video conferencing system. TrueConf has gained acceptance due to its delivering positively on all counts without fail. Above all, the functionality in TrueConf wherein it allows total offline operations right from registration to advanced operations is a feature that works for the defence deployments. »


« In today’s eGovernance era, no public facing organization can afford to not have a robust communication system. TrueConf Solution deployed on-premise at district HQ has helped Maharashtra Police‘s district police head to conduct live 2-way review meetings with all its office bearers using TrueConf’s Virtual Meeting mode. No wonder the efficiency has gone up. »


« The Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences Ltd is a NABH accredited 650-bed super-speciality hospital located in Kozhikode, India. The Critical Care Centre is also known as Intensive Care Unit. Infection control and hygiene standards are very seriously undertaken at the hospital, so while visiting hours are flexible, visitors may have to wait in order to see their relatives recuperating inside the critical care, especially when interventions are being carried out. TrueConf deployment here has solved a major healthcare challenge for MIMS. TrueConf allows recuperating patients inside ICU to come face to face on TrueConf iOS app (iPad) with a VC unit running TrueConf Windows application on their relatives’ side. This way patients and their relatives can exchange much needed empathy but without the risk of possible infections. This TrueConf deployment is onpremise allowing multiple simultaneous sessions of patient to relative interactions. »

Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences

« Asutosh College, a pioneer 100-year old institute of education in West Bengal, was the first college in the state which was accredited by NAAC, in 2002. Today Asutosh College is proud to announce that the College has been accredited by NAAC in the ‘A’ Grade and awarded a CGPA score of 3.22,and is currently among the top 4 affiliated colleges of West Bengal. For any educational institute, upgrading itself on latest technology is always a balancing act between its core vision of teaching and technology upgradation. TrueConf eased this decision of the institute by providing them both the functionalities in a single solution. The Virtual Lecture mode in TrueConf enabled the institute to conduct live online classes using TrueConf while the Role based meeting feature of TrueConf enabled the college to administer itself better through office bearers communication. The feature wherein the presenter can simply share his or her screen over the conference helps the college teachers with a really simple to use yet highly effective tool. »


« Elcome is a leading maritime defense solutions provider in India having done nationwide AIS networks, multi-site VATMS, VSAT systems on 154 Indian Navy vessels. For a strategic National Organization (Confidential), TrueConf is providing an industry leading solution of integrating multi location H323 Devices on a single integrated platform. »

ELCOME (Defense SI)

« Established in 1990 Jetking Infotrain Limited is a Computer Hardware and Networking Training Institute, which trains technical and non-technical students. Jetking has 100 centres spread across India
Jetking has deployed TrueConf Solution to expand its foray into digital communications for meetings and teaching capacity online. »